a community chorus in their 28th Concert season

Rehearsal Notes and Rehearsal Order

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Fall 2019

Stay tuned!

Concert Repertoire

Oh what will it be????

Semester Dates

Rehearsals start back August 19.

Listening Links

Do NOT get married to these tempos or their articulation. These are just so you can hear the whole product together.

Section Leader Information

If you know you will miss a rehearsal, please contact your section leader to let them know. ESCS if family and everyone is important.  

Soprano Section Leader

Vicki Dale-Knopf 775-722-3165

Alto Section Leader

Jerry Franklin 251-513-0836

Tenor Section Leader

Leah Bond 504-452-9835

Bass Section Leader

Brit Taylor 513-206-3113

2019 - 2020 Repertoire


Lighting of the Trees

Various Christmas Selections

Christmas Concert 2019

Spring Concert 2020